Every dollar makes an impact on supporting Creative Knowledge (CK) systems and Creative People – the living keepers of Creative Knowledge of the world (family farmers, artisans, artists, and the like) – to foster social cohesion and mutual respect among cultures and people.

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The Creative Knowledge Foundation (CKF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) that depends on your donations to fulfill its mission of reinforcing the role of Creative People – the living keepers of the Creative Knowledges of the world – and enhancing the wellbeing of unique and diverse communities in a more sustainable environment and resilient economy.

Designate Donation

Designated donations are very much welcome to support specific projects promoted by the Creative Knowledge Foundation:


Loaf of bread with certification

Breads of the Creative Cities is a project that highlights the culture, traditions and efforts of the bakers, farmers and millers that preserve the traditional knowledge of making bread as a local staple food made by flour and water. The project is open to all the UNESCO Creative Cities.

Landscape of Parrhasian Heritage Park (php)

The Parrhasian Heritage Park project encourages local communities to continue living and working within the protected landscape of cultural significance, outstanding natural beauty and rich archaeological sites. Park visitors and residents alike will understand and appreciate the uniqueness of the area through the storytelling of the local Knowledge Keepers and their unique knowledge and expertise implemented by the Creative Knowledge Platform.

Wheels of cheese

Artisanal Cheeses of the Creative Cities is a project in partnership with Bergamo UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. It explores the history, science, culture and traditions of artisanal cheese making of Bergamo and its valleys by telling the stories of the Knowledge Keepers (farmers, breeders, cheese makers) and their heritage. Our next goal is to extend the project to the UCCN with an open call to all the Creative Cities to add and describe their cheese making techniques and traditions.

craftsman working marble sculpture

Conceptually inspired by the book “Hands at Work: Carrara Marble” the Hands at Work project in partnership with Carrara UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art sustains the work of artists and artisans that live in a natural landscape of high cultural significance (the City of Carrara) and encourage them to become the drivers of a sustainable development of their territory.


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The Creative Knowledge Foundation (CKF) reinforces the role of “Creative People“ - the living keepers of the Creative Knowledge of the world. Creative Knowledge (CK) is the “… contemporary evolution of traditional knowledge-based practices that have adjusted to the rules of nature and have learned how to work with it and not against it…”