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Knowledge Keepers are the living guardians of the Creative Knowledge systems that preserve and maintain unique and diverse practices for a more sustainable and resilient world.
They include farmers, ranchers, gatherers, makers and artisans that are deeply connected to their territory.

Protect your traditional knowledge and transfer it to new generations.
Tell us more about yourself and share your stories, practices and products.


Knowledge Seekers are individuals that help living Knowledge Keepers to document and transmit their knowledge to future generations. They expand appreciation of the Knowledge Keepers’ contribution to community resilience by collecting KK’s stories, practices, traditions and make them available online through the Creative Knowledge Platform.

Learn about your territory and contribute to the local community. Become a knowledge seeker.


We think that people and local organizations are the pillars of the community. If you believe in our mission to reinforce the role of Creative Knowledge (CK) and the work of “Creative People” – the living knowledge keepers – to enhance the wellbeing of unique and diverse communities in a more sustainable environment resilient economy, please volunteer with us.


We offer online training classes to give students/volunteers the chance to strengthen their skills and knowledge about unique cultural assets, and become Knowledge Seekers.

The CK Foundation seeks to give participants broad exposure to the realities of the different projects. Students/volunteers will have unique opportunities to interact with Knowledge Keepers, Knowledge Seekers, teachers, communities, local organizations, and contribute to highlight the unique assets of a territory.


CK Foundation encourages the development of Creative Knowledge Communities (CKC) that use the Creative Knowledge Platform to fuel creative work, produce new knowledge and innovations based on Traditional Knowledge; to feature the Knowledge Keepers of the local communities, and to communicate Best Practices and Case Studies with the help of new technologies.

Be the first to build a CKC in your territory.


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The Creative Knowledge Foundation (CKF) reinforces the role of “Creative People“ - the living keepers of the Creative Knowledge of the world. Creative Knowledge (CK) is the “… contemporary evolution of traditional knowledge-based practices that have adjusted to the rules of nature and have learned how to work with it and not against it…”